Left Caucus Announces Endorsements for the CCDP October 2020 Special Election

At 9:00 am on October 7, voting will begin in the Clark County Democratic Party special election. This election not only fills several major leadership positions but will also shape the values, strategy, and direction of the biggest Democratic organization in our state. We need your votes.

Nevada is still a battleground state. A unified, functional party is crucial to defeating Trump in November and building a world of real justice, equality, and freedom in the years to follow. We have a unique opportunity to fill almost every leadership position in the party with progressive leaders but we can’t do it without you!

It’s time to stand together. It’s time to vote together. We are proud to once more submit a slate of community organizers and activists, all united in their vision for a better world and party that can bring us there. Today, use our CCDP Special Election Guide to cast your ballot for real change!

Ballots will be sent at 9:00 am to members of the Clark County Central Committee who are registered to vote in the special election.

In Solidarity,

Gordon Brown
Second Vice Chair, Left Caucus


Many of the names on this list need no introduction. You’ve seen them both leading the charge and supporting us in countless battles for justice, freedom, and equality here in Nevada. We’ve stood together when we took to the streets for Black Lives Matter. We’ve stuck by each other when we brought our fight to the party-level. Now, with the world to win, it’s time to show up for each other again.
Important note about the election: You will vote for the first vice-chair. This person will immediately become the chair of the CCDP. We will then vote for the person who will serve as first vice-chair.

First Vice Chair (To Become Chair)
Judith Whitmer

Judith’s peerless leadership is the very reason many of us were brought together to begin with, and her vision for a better world has kept us working alongside each other ever since. Both a selfless organizer and an astute party official, Judith’s insight, passion, and commitment to building a better world represents everything that a Democrat ought to stand for.  We are proud to endorse Judith for the position of Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party and look forward to her leadership.

First Vice Chair (To Remain First Chair)
Michael Weiss

Over the past four years, Michael has been one of the loudest and most perseverant voices for progressive values and real change in Nevada. Michael brings the exact kind of dedication, patience, and persistence our party needs and we are happy to endorse him for First Vice Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party.

Third Vice-Chair
Shaun Navarro

As co-chair of the Las Vegas DSA, Shaun brings with him a proven record of success in bringing communities together to struggle for a common cause. Over and over, Shaun has stood up and spoken out for what’s right, bringing political savvy and uncompromising integrity together in his work. Shaun speaks strongly for communities our party too often takes for granted and values we too often forget. We are thrilled to endorse him for Third Vice Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party.

Dispute Resolution Committee
Keith Grimes
Kara Hall
Aimee Holdredge  
Dawn Perkins
Valerie Thomason

The Dispute Resolution Committee is the conscience of our party, keeping us accountable not only to our rules and procedures but also to the values that unite us. Left Caucus is proud to endorse the following slate to serve as our committee, knowing that they bring not only incisive and impartial judgement but also a diversity of backgrounds and thought.

Left Caucus strongly urges all members to vote YES to approve the charter of the Muslim Democratic Caucus.
Left Caucus strongly urges all members to vote YES to approve and elect the list of nominees to the Central Committee of the Clark County Democratic Party.