Left Caucus Announces 2020 Election Recommendations

Disclaimer: Left Caucus is chartered by the Democratic Party and as such is required to support Democrat candidates. Although we recognize that not all of the candidates running fully embody the values and vision of Left Caucus, we understand the value of harm-reduction in electoral politics. We remain resolute in our goal of building a just, free, and equal world through whatever means available and hope you will join us in our continued struggle. 

President/Vice President:

Biden, Joseph R.

             Harris, Kamala D.

Representative in Congress District 1:

Titus, Dina

 Representative in Congress District 2:

Ackerman, Patricia

Representative in Congress District 3:

Lee, Susie

Representative in Congress District 4:

             Horsford, Steven

State Senate District 5:

Watson, Kristee 

State Senate District 6:

             Cannizzaro, Nicole Jeanette

State Senate District 11:

Harris, Dallas

State Senate District 18:

Becker, Elizabeth “Liz”

State Senate District 26:

Jauregui-Jackins, Wendy

State Assembly District 2:

Kunnel, Radhika “RPK”

State Assembly District 10:

Nguyen, Rochelle 

State Assembly District 15:

Watts, Howard

State Assembly District 16:

Gonzalez, Cecilia

 State Assembly District 26:

Alm, Vance

State Assembly District 28:

Flores, Edgar

State Assembly District 32:

Povilaitis, Paula

State Assembly District 34:

             Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon

State Assembly District 37:

Backus, Shea

County Commission District C:

             Miller, Ross

Reno City Council:

Brekhus, Jenny – Ward 1

Reese, Devon – At-Large

Sparks City Council:

Stolyarov, Wendy – Ward 1

Smith, Quentin – Ward 3

Washoe County Board of Commissioners:

Hill, Alexis – District 1

Non-Partisan Races:

Justice of the Supreme Court Seat B:

             Ozzie Fumo

District Court:

Yeager, Bita “Marie” – Dept. 1

Kierny, Carli Lynn – Dept. 2

Trujillo, Monica – Dept. 3

Aurbach, Phil – Dept. 4

Barisich, Veronica – Dept. 5

Bella, Linda Marie – Dept. 7

Silva, Cristina D. – Dept. 9

Jones, Teirra D. – Dept. 10

Denton, Mark – Dept. 13

Williams, Timothy – Dept. 16

Albertson, Anna – Dept 17

Eller, Crystal – Dept. 19

Hooker, Dawn – Dept. 20

Clark Newberry, Tara – Dept. 21

Nadig, Ben – Dept. 22

Lily-Spells, Jasmin – Dept. 23

*Ballou, Erika – Dept. 24

Delaney, Kathleen E. – Dept. 25

Sturman, Gloria – Dept. 26

Allf, Nancy – Dept. 27

Lopez-Negrete, David – Dept. 29

Wiese, Jerry – Dept. 30

Call, Gary W. – Dept. 31

Criag, Christy – Dept. 32

Family Court:

Voy, William – Dept. A

Marquis, Linda – Dept. B

Tobler, Michelle O. – Dept. I

Butler, Dedree “Dee” – Dept. J

Giuliani, Cynthia N. – Dept. K

Gibson Jr., David – Dept. L

Mastin, Amy – Dept. M

Sullivan, Frank – Dept. O

Dayani, Sara – Dept. P

Henderson, Bill – Dept. R

Ochoa, Vincent – Dept. S

Cutter, Nadin – Dept. T

Throne, Dawn – Dept. U

Pickard, Margaret E. – Dept. V

Rocheleau, Stacy – Dept. W

Heidi Almase – Dept. X

Charter, Stephanie – Dept. Y

Perez, Romeo – Dept. Z

Justice of the Peace:


Gibson Sr., David S. – Dept. 3

Las Vegas:

Goodman, Eric A. – Dept. 11

Sullivan, Diana L. – Dept. 12

North Las Vegas:

Harris, Blinta T. “BTH” – Dept. 3

State Board of Education:

Hughes, Tim – District 1

Ortiz, Felicia – District 3

Newburn, Mark – District 4

University Regent:

Tarkanian, Lois – District 2

Spirtos, Nick “Doc” – District 5

Clark County School Trustee:

Leavitt, Liberty – District A

Proffitt, Jeff – District B

Henry, Tameka – District C

*Brooks, Lola – District E

 Washoe County School Board:

Taylor, Angela – District E

Nicolet, Diana – District G

Statewide Ballot Questions

Left Caucus recommends a vote of YES on State Question Num. 1, which removes ambiguous and outdated language from the Nevada Constitution relating to the operation of state universities.

Left Caucus urges a vote of YES on State Question Num. 2, which would remove language from the Nevada Constitution defining marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman.

Left Caucus urges a vote of YES on State Question Num. 3, which significantly broadens the means for obtaining pardons, democratizes the pardon-process, and improves the timeliness and efficiency of the Board of Pardons Commissioners.

Left Caucus urges a vote of YES on State Question Num. 4, which protects essential voting rights and access to elections.

Left Caucus urges a vote of YES on State Question Num. 6, which requires Nevada to incrementally increase its use of renewable energy to 50 percent by 2030.