Left Caucus August 2020 SCC Voter Guide

The SCC meeting on August 22 is our first opportunity since the state convention to work together as Progressives to reshape and reform the Democratic Party in Nevada. To that end, Left Caucus is excited to share our endorsements and voter guide for this week’s meeting! Click the button below to view our printable summary SCC voter guide!

Left Caucus will be hosting its third and final SCC info session on Thursday, August 20 at 6:00 pm. Click here to register!

Dr. Iqbal’s activism around policies and issues important within the Muslim community led him to establish the Muslim Democratic Caucus. As a practicing physician, Dr. Iqbal is an advocate for healthcare as a human right and works tirelessly for that cause. It was through that shared healthcare activism that I first met Zaffar, and we’ve worked on numerous projects together over the past few years. During my tenure as 2nd Vice Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party, I’ve worked with numerous Democratic clubs and community organizations on outreach, fundraising and grassroots activism. Dr. Iqbal also has extensive experience in these areas, but more importantly, Zaffar’s ability to develop relationships within various, diverse communities and build coalitions makes him uniquely qualified for a position that is charged with fulfilling the Democratic Party’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

Judith Whitmer
Chair Emeritus, Left Caucus

Note: Only SCC members from Washoe County can vote in this election.

I’m proud to endorse Thomas to represent Washoe County on the NVDems Executive Board. Thomas’ experience as a youth and human rights advocate gives him a perspective our Party desperately needs, especially now. His own lived experiences give insight to a generation of recent and soon-to-be college graduates entering the workforce during our country’s second economic collapse in as many decades. Thomas will not only give voice to his fellow Washoe Democrats but to all young Democrats across Nevada. From serving on Reno’s Human Rights Commission to speaking to the United Nations, Thomas has already shown his willingness to be in service to the movement and his passion to seek justice wherever he can. I’m so glad to have such a good ally and friend in Washoe County, and I’m excited for Thomas to be alongside us on the Executive Board as we continue the fight for Progressive values.

Chris Roberts
Chair, Left Caucus

Left Caucus urges a vote of NO on this motion, which would undermine Progressive victories by creating un-elected seats on the NVDems Executive Board for the leaders of clubs that do not presently exist. Further, while claiming to promote diversity, this motion excludes 15 other nationally-chartered clubs representing communities of color and marginalized groups. If passed, this motion would significantly weaken your control over the Party while failing to do anything meaningful to improve our Party’s diversity. This motion must be defeated.

Left Caucus strongly recommends a vote of NO on this motion, which unfairly protects incumbents, undermines transparency, and stifles the diversity of voices in our primaries. If passed, this motion would be used to silence new opinions while doing nothing to prohibit the interference of legislators and big-money donors in our elections. Further, it takes away the voices of your elected, volunteer representatives, forcing them to withhold support of their preferred candidate, even if that candidate is their spouse or partner. It is crucial that this motion be defeated.

Left Caucus also strongly recommends a vote of NO on this motion. The extremely vague wording of what constitutes an “endorsement,” as well as the authors’ inability to agree on a definition when questioned, makes this motion hazardous if not outright dangerous. If passed, this new bylaw would very likely be weaponized by any person acting in bad faith to sabotage and obstruct the Executive Board and possibly prevent the entire Party from being able to properly function. This motion must be defeated.

Motion #1 (Turner/Zaragosa) – Left Caucus recommends a vote of YES on this motion to commemorate the late Sam Lieberman for his years of service to the Party.

Motion #5 (d’Ayr/Roberts) – Left Caucus recommends a vote of YES on this motion, which would establish a much needed, standing technology committee for the accommodation of all members during this period of remote meetings and social distancing.

Motion #6 (Turner/Stephens) – Left Caucus recommends a vote of YES on this motion, which effectively clarifies the eligibility requirements to run for an Executive Board seat.

Motion #7 (Turner/Stephens) – Left Caucus recommends a vote of YES on this motion, which effectively clarifies the definition of SCC Special Members.

Motion #8 (Turner/Stephens) – Left Caucus recommends a vote of YES on this motion, which holds officers accountable to the requirements of their position.

Motion #9 (Turner/Stephens) – Left Caucus recommends a vote of YES on this motion, which holds officers accountable to the requirements of their position.

Motion #10 (Darden/Horner) – This motion calls for the renaming of the Diversity Committee to the “Diversity and Inclusion Committee.” The motion does not make any proposed changes to the nature or mission of the committee. Without understanding the intent of the name change, Left Caucus can make no recommendation on this motion.

Motion #11 (Greedy/Sanada) – Left Caucus stands in solidarity with rural Nevadan Democrats. This motion calls for the state Party to give crucial voter data to Democratic candidates in rural areas. However, the motion as written is vague and requires further definition. As written, Left Caucus can offer no recommendation on this motion, but the authors of the motion are supporting amendments that will give clarity to its purpose.

The above endorsements and recommendations were decided by an ad-hoc committee including Left Caucus’ Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Policy Director, and select members.

Questions about our endorsements and recommendations may be directed to info@leftcaucus.com.