Left Caucus Among 15 Organizations Condemning Comments Made by Clark County DA Steve Wolfson

Left Caucus stands in solidarity with fifteen other organizations decrying comments made by Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

Clark County voters made clear their desire for change. We support the people’s decision and denounce all attempts being made to suppress their will for justice; we stand united in our collective effort to end racial oppression, disenfranchisement and genocide.

Steve Wolfson is attempting to end democratic judicial elections and instead move to an oligarchic appointment system. This appears to be no more than a reaction to the results of the election — the people have spoken so the rulers seek to rip out their tongues.

Read the full statement here.

The 2020 election was a defining year for racial and criminal justice in Clark County. Voters resoundingly spoke in favor of change by electing seven female public defenders to the bench — including the first Black women elected to a District Court bench — signaling our collective desire for a drastically new perspective in our local criminal legal system. These new judges have spent their careers working to understand the struggle of our most disadvantaged communities from which most of those who appear in our criminal courts derive. They bring an invaluable and long overdue perspective on how our community should handle criminal cases.

From the NACJ Press release