Resources for the CDC Eviction Moratorium

The CDC ordered a temporary halt to all residential evictions of people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday. The order requires that tenants under threat of eviction must submit a formal declaration to their landlord.

This declaration is for tenants, lessees, or residents of residential properties who are covered by the CDC’s order temporarily halting residential evictions (not including foreclosures on home mortgages) to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Under the CDC’s order you must provide a copy of this declaration to your landlord, owner of the residential property here you live, or other person who has a right to have you evicted or removed from where you live. Each adult listed on the lease, rental agreement, or housing contract should complete this declaration. Unless the CDC order is extended, changed, or ended, the order prevents you from being evicted or removed from where you are living through December 31, 2020. You are still required to pay rent and follow all the other terms of your lease and rules of the place where you live. You may also still be evicted for reasons other than not paying rent or making a housing payment. This declaration is sworn testimony, meaning that you can be prosecuted, go to jail, or pay a fine if you lie, mislead, or omit important information.

To assist, Left Caucus has prepared an editable PDF of the declaration. Simply fill in the date, print, sign, and send to your landlord.

It’s nothing short of a disaster that our corporate-sponsored politicians, both Democratic and Republican, have abandoned the working class during this pandemic and depression. All this moratorium does is further delay our economic catastrophe, but for now, we hope that anyone facing the threat of eviction can use this to protect themselves and their well-being.