About Left Caucus

Left Caucus is for Nevadans who are dedicated to the progressive movement.

We’re doing the work to transform our communities in Nevada to build a Democracy by and for the People. We believe in a world in which there is equality and justice, and we are committed to the fight for those ideals. We do not have to sacrifice our values or our principles to achieve these goals.

Executive Board

Left Caucus is governed by an Executive Board, elected by its membership. Officers of the Executive Board are responsible for leading Left Caucus organizing efforts, managing Left Caucus Teams, and representing the progressive movement in Nevada.

Left Caucus Teams

Left Caucus is committed to doing the work to promote and support the progressive movement, the Democratic Party, and our communities in Nevada. Left Caucus Teams organize, coordinate, and carry out this work. Each Team is led by a member of the Left Caucus Executive Board and an elected Team Lead.

To serve on a Left Caucus Team, complete the Left Caucus Volunteer Interest Form.