About Left Caucus

Left Caucus is for Nevadans who are dedicated to the progressive movement.

We’re doing the work to transform our communities in Nevada to build a Democracy by and for the People. We believe in a world in which there is equality and justice, and we are committed to the fight for those ideals. We do not have to sacrifice our values or our principles to achieve these goals.

Executive Board

Left Caucus is governed by an Executive Board, elected by its membership. Officers of the Executive Board are responsible for leading Left Caucus organizing efforts, managing Left Caucus Teams, and representing the progressive movement in Nevada.

Left Caucus Teams

Left Caucus is committed to doing the work to promote and support the progressive movement, the Democratic Party, and our communities in Nevada. Left Caucus Teams organize, coordinate, and carry out this work. Each Team is led by a member of the Left Caucus Executive Board and an elected Team Lead.

The Communications Team manages all social media, email, and press communications for Left Caucus. The Comms Team works to create engaging and informational messages, updates, and press releases. Each month, the Communications Team works with the Technology Team to publish the Left Caucus Newsletter.

The Communications Team is led by the Second Vice Chair and the Secretary.

The Left Caucus Education Team coordinates all Left Caucus educational and learning efforts, both in the Caucus and the community. For Left Caucus Membership, the Education Team creates and produces educational media about relevant topics of interest. In the community, the Education Team advocates for and organizes in support of public education in Nevada.

The Education Team is led by the Outreach Director and the Education Team Lead.

The Environment Team functions as Left Caucus’ environmental policy and activism working group. Enacting good environmental policy is critical to Nevada’s future. The Environment Team leads Left Caucus efforts to advocate for a Green New Deal, the conservation of public lands, the protection of Yucca Mountain, putting an end to fracking, and more.

The Environment Team is led by the Environment Team Lead with support from the Chair, the Third Vice Chair, and the Policy Director.

The Left Caucus Fundraising Team serves the Caucus by planning, coordinating, and managing all fundraising activities. From time to time, Left Caucus may require funds in addition to any collected dues, and the Fundraising Team works to raise those funds. Aside from supporting the Caucus and its membership, the Fundraising Team will also work to raise money for other groups and people in our community as needs arise.

The Fundraising Team is led by the Treasurer and the Fundraising Team Lead with support from the Chair.

Left Caucus’ Outreach Team focuses on community and electoral engagement. Working with other, like-minded organizations, the Outreach Team coordinates Left Caucus involvement in direct actions and community service. The Outreach Team, working with other Teams, manages efforts to organize Left Caucus membership at the ballot box and within county and state Democratic Parties.


Reggie Muth
Interim Outreach Team Lead

The Left Caucus Policy Team identifies and takes action on any legislative or electoral issues that are relevant to the Caucus and its membership. Acknowledging the need for well-organized electoral activism, Left Caucus is committed to leading the progressive fight in Nevada, and the Policy Team works to focus the efforts of the Caucus’ membership and allies.

The Policy Team is led by the Policy Director.

The Left Caucus Program Team is responsible for managing a calendar of engaging and educational guests, meetings, and activities for Left Caucus membership. The Program Team also works closely with the Outreach Team to produce and promote events for the community at large; other groups, clubs, and caucuses; and the Democratic Party.

The Program Team is led by the First Vice Chair and the Program Team Lead.

The Left Caucus Technology Team manages and maintains all of Left Caucus’ technology assets, including leftcaucus.com, social media accounts, virtual meeting solutions, and any Caucus-owned hardware. Left Caucus also makes the Tech Team available to other clubs and caucuses, the Clark County Democratic Party, and the community to provide technology support and assistance.


Gavin Kalro and Frances Martin
Technology Team Co-Leads

To serve on a Left Caucus Team, complete the Left Caucus Volunteer Interest Form.